Oral Clinic by Tétaz

Modernity and tradition, for exceptional dental care

A family dental practice for several generations, Oral Clinic by Tétaz offers high-quality dental care combined with state-of-the-art equipment, all in a welcoming atmosphere.

Our priority is the well-being of our patients. We understand that going to the dentist can cause anxiety for some people. That’s why at Oral Clinic we do everything we can to make every visit a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Our dedicated team welcomes you in a friendly environment, close to Lausanne train station.

Our mission is simple, but essential : to provide you with high-quality, personalised dental treatment that meets your needs and those of your family.


What makes Oral Clinic by Tétaz different ?

Our commitment to quality dental care. We insist on hygiene and prevention to avoid any oral problems and to ensure that our treatments last as long as possible.

Invest in your dental health today to avoid future avoidable treatments and unnecessary costs !

A team of dedicated specialists

Our team includes two dentists, Dr Luc Tétaz and Dr Chloé Garcia, dental hygienists, prophylaxis assistants and several dental assistants and trainees. As a small dental clinic, we focus on building trusting relationships and providing personalised treatment for each of our patients, while offering a wide range of services. From scaling to dental surgery, cosmetic care to simple orthodontic treatment, our specialists are here to advise and care for you with expertise and kindness.

For adults or young patients who are anxious about visiting the dentist, we offer tailored, reassuring solutions, such as the use of laughing gas (nitrous oxide). Our waiting room has a special children’s area to ensure the whole family feels comfortable.

L'équipe de dentistes, hygiénistes dentaires, assistantes dentaires, assistantes en prophylaxie dentaire et apprenties d'Oral Clinic by Tétaz
Plusieurs instruments de soins dentaires

Dental care at Oral Clinic

Our comprehensive range of dental care services includes dental treatment and oral surgery for illness or accident, as well as simple cosmetic and orthodontic dental care. With our expertise, we are committed to restoring your smile to its former glory.

When should I make an appointment to see a dentist or dental surgeon?

It's important to take care your teeth and mouth! Not only by seeing a dentist as soon as any problems or pain appear, but also by having regular check-ups to keep teeth and gums healthy. This applies not only to adults, but also to children from the age of 6.

Regular dental check-ups

Routine examination: generally recommended once a year, to prevent possible oral problems

Scaling (oral hygiene)

  • Adult cleaning and descaling: recommended at least once a year 
  • Cleaning and descaling for children: recommended once a year for children aged 5 and over

Problems with teeth or gums

  • caries
  • toothache
  • jaw pain
  • red, swollen or bleeding gums
  • constant bad breath

Dental surgery needs

  • removal of wisdom teeth
  • placement of dental implants
  • gum graft
  • bone grafting

In the event of an accident

broken or cracked tooth

For beauty treatments

  • teeth whitening
  • veneers
  • composite reconstruction of the aesthetic zone
  • dental rhinestones

For simple orthodontic treatment

  • simple tooth alignment problem
  • biting problem 
  • chronic snoring
  • TMJ, back and neck pain (temporomandibular joint), work in correlation with an osteopath.

Dental emergencies

In the event of an accident, dental trauma or severe bleeding, make an immediate appointment for an emergency consultation immediately. At Oral Clinic, whether you're a patient or not, we promise to see you the same day or the next day for a dental emergency.

When should I make an appointment for a dental emergency?

If you are experiencing severe pain, as soon as possible. A dental emergency can lead to serious complications if it is not treated quickly. If you have any doubts or unusual symptoms, we recommend that you see one of our dentists immediately for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

The following symptoms may require an emergency dental consultation:

  • acute dental pain
  • dental infection
  • broken or chipped tooth
  • tooth expelled, loss of tooth
  • heavy bleeding from the gums
  • swelling of the mouth or jaw
  • jaw pain
  • pain or complications following dental treatment

New patients

You've never been to Oral Clinic before?
No problem l! We welcome new patients to the clinic, whether it’s for a dental emergency or a routine check-up.

At ORAL CLINIC BY TETAZ, we are much more than a dental clinic. We are your partner for perfect oral health, while doing our utmost to make every visit a positive experience. Put your trust in our team of caring and dedicated professionals, and discover a different approach to dental care in Lausanne. We’ll take care of you and your smile.

Trust us with the health of your teeth !
Dr Luc Tétaz procédant à des soins dentaires sur une patiente


Our partners

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